Dear Fellow Recording Performers

For years we have contributed our talent to the music industry.Our talent is our rice bowl.Album sales are declining steadily and some of us cannot even earn enough to make ends meet.However, there is a way to supplement our income; through royalties from usage of our sound recordings in public performance.

It is sad to see many of us who have had to give up on music and focus elsewhere to earn their “bread and butter”.If artistes and musicians cannot focus and depend on music, where lies the future of our local music industry?

We must act now before things get any worse.We must unite, stand-up and speak-up and take matters into our own hands.No one can protect us better than ourselves—the recording performers.Without us, there is no local music industry to speak of.

After years of being in this industry, I am frustrated and disappointed that despite the existence of various associations supposedly set up with our best interests at heart, sadly most of us are still left confused by it all.The truth is, no one is really protecting our interest, welfare and future especially where the recording performers’ royalties from usage of our sound recordings in public performance are concerned.

I call upon you to join the umbrella I am spearheading under which we can all take shelter.It is time for performers to represent performers.

This is an opportunity for us to learn and work together to better our future and to stop relying on others to do it for us.We must care and take interest because this is our rice bowl and I cannot do this alone, I need your support. Together, we can make that change.It’s time to stop complaining and start doing. I believe in a betterfuture for all of us.

May Music Keep Us Together. Performers for Performers!

Thank you.

Dato’ Hajjah Sheila Majid