Under the Copyright Act, 1987

In April 2000, pursuant to the Copyright Amendment Act 2000, the Copyright Act 1987, was amended to confer a new right known as "performers right" to performers. Under the new Section 16B of the Copyright Act 1987, the following is provided for :
Where a sound recording is published for commercial purposes or a reproduction of such recording is publicly performed or used directly for broadcast or other communication to the public, an equitable remuneration for the performance shall be payable to the performer by the user of the sound recording.


Basically, if you are a singer and/or musician (sessionist included) and has contributed to the production of a sound recording (recorded song) whether in the recording studio or in public, you are entitled to collect royalties from the user of the sound recording whenever the sound recording is publicly performed (for example in discotheques, lounges, shopping complexes, pubs, etc.), broadcasted (by TV or radio stations) and/or communicated to the public (by way of cable, internet, video or music on demand, etc.).
The right to collect for performer' rights is not retrospective which means that RPM cannot collect for any public performance, broadcasting and/or communication to the public of sound recordings which embody any performance of RPM's represented performers before April 2000.